Fishing Report

Jamie II nets fishing derby grand prize with 29.55-pound king salmon.

September 1, 2020

Jamie II nets fishing derby grand prize with 29.55-pound king salmon. PENTWATER — The Pentwater Sportfishing Association held its 2020 Super Mini Weekend Derby, Aug. 22-23. A total of 27 boats entered the competition, and anglers enjoyed a great weekend of fishing. The winners divided up over $2,400 in awards, along with consolation prizes. Bret Almashie’s Jamie II hauled in…

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Making summer pike fishing worthwhile

August 28, 2014

Weekly Fishing Tip: Catching big pike in the summer Most anglers consider winter the best time to catch a trophy-sized pike, but following a few key pointers can make summer pike fishing worthwhile. When it’s very warm out think about where pike will hide – places with cooler water. These spots include along the thermocline, where coldwater streams/rivers flow into…

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Weekly fishing report

May 29, 2014

The following fishing report is from the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources. Fishing patterns are slowly moving into the summer mode. Water temperatures on the Great Lakes are still cold especially Lake Superior which still has ice. The inland lakes are warming at a very slow pace. SOUTHEAST LOWER PENINSULA Lake Erie:  Walleye fishing was still sporadic, but starting to heat…

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Anglers catching brown trout and lake trout while trolling

May 15, 2014

From the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Weekly Fishing Tip: Taking great catch-and-release photos Are you an avid catch-and-release angler? Do you like to take photos of the fish you catch, prior to returning them to the water? Do you know the safest way to take these photos so you ensure the fish can live to be caught another day?…

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