Hart bar owner and lottery club partner win $1 million prize

November 20, 2023

Hart bar owner and lottery club partner win $1 million prize

HART – Kristi Sadler, owner of Kristi’s Pour House, recently bought a $1 million winning Powerball ticket at her bar, according to milotteryconnect.com.

Sadler had to use a special code word to notify her lottery club partner for the first time after winning the prize from the Michigan Lottery.

The two-person club matched the five white balls in the Sept. 11 drawing to win the big prize: 09-25-27-53-66. 

“We started our Lottery club after my husband (George Sadler) passed away,” said Sadler, who is the club’s representative. “The morning after the drawing, I got a call that my business had sold a $1 million winner and I just had a feeling it was our ticket.

“After I checked the ticket, I had to call the other club member, who was on vacation out of the country, to let him know we had won. We had always joked that we’d use a special code word if we won, so when he answered and told me he had to pay extra for overseas calls, I said the code word and I told him he wasn’t going to have to worry about the bill!”

The club members recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim their prize. With their winnings, they each plan to invest in their retirements.


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