Listen to a history lesson on your phone while strolling through Pentwater

May 18, 2023

Listen to a history lesson on your phone while strolling through Pentwater

Call 231-720-0291 

PENTWATER — Would you like an easy way to reminisce, or expand your knowledge about Pentwater history? 

The Pentwater Historical Society has announced the new Hancock History Self-Guided Audio Tour. It’s free, and easily accessed on a cell phone or landline simply by dialing 231-720-0291 and following the prompts.  

Each of the six audio narratives runs between five and nine minutes. They describe some of the history that occurred on six blocks of Hancock Street in Pentwater’s downtown. Residents and visitors can imagine Pentwater’s early days as they listen on cell phones.  

One can listen to all six narratives in succession, starting at the Village Marina and entering 500 + pound, either while strolling along Hancock Street or sitting on a bench. Just follow the prompts. Simply enter 5-0-0-pound (# key) to learn some history about the 500 block of Hancock, 4-0-0-pound for some history about the 400 block, and so forth. To learn some history between Lowell and First streets, one must enter 9-9-pound.   

“It was fascinating to compile and record these narratives over the winter,” said Ron Beeber, a PHS volunteer docent. “A lot of the content is drawn from past issues of PHS newsletters that are posted on under the research heading. Some landmarks had to be located by matching content to historic photos of the village.”  

The content heard in these six recordings is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s known about Hancock Street’s history. The PHS’s intent is that the self-guided audio tour will trigger many Pentwater memories, and that listeners will post some on the Pentwater Historical Society Museum’s Facebook page. 

The idea for sharing Hancock Street history in this way was inspired by Mary Schumaker’s suggestion a few years ago that the PHS offer docent-led tours along Hancock Street during the holiday shopping season. It would build upon the popularity of the summertime history cruise on Pentwater Lake. PHS trustees Bart Zachrich and Beth Russell conducted a few strolls, but encountered some real wintry weather. Then, two years ago, a few docent-led tours were offered on already-busy summer Saturday mornings. Hopefully, the self-guided audio tour proves to be more convenient.  

Just add 231-720-0291 to your cell phone contacts and listen anytime, from anywhere – the street, car, or at home.   

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