Reaffirming OCP’s commitment to serving Oceana County

April 12, 2023

Reaffirming OCP’s commitment to serving Oceana County

Oceana County’s only locally owned news service

I wanted to take this time to re-affirm with you, the readers of Oceana County Press, our commitment to serving Oceana County. Oceana County Press was started in 2014 as an exclusively online news service, following the success of our sister news service, Mason County Press, which was started in 2012. These two services are the only locally owned news services in Mason and Oceana counties. 

As we see the unfortunate decline in print media throughout the nation and especially locally, I want to make it clear that our service — which is not affiliated with any print service — has continued to grow and prosper. The preservation of local journalism is essential to maintaining an informed, educated society. As access to technology has increased, especially through the popularity of social media and smart phones, the decline in news content and/or accurate news content has equally increased. Along with that has been a decline in journalistic objectivity. We strive to provide the best local news coverage we can. 

Our service is provided to you free thanks to the generous financial support of advertisers and individuals. OCP does not and will not have a paywall, requiring you to pay a fee in order to read our content. However, we do need more support from the community. We need more support from local businesses to advertise and we need more support from individuals. To those who own businesses, remember, our staff lives here and spends their money in this community. The staff of the billboard companies, Google, Facebook and Twitter do not spend money in Oceana and Mason counties. They do not raise families here. We do. 

If you would like to know more about advertising, please reach out to me at 

If you, as an individual, would like to financially contribute to our services, your contribution (at any level and any frequency), would be greatly appreciated. You may send a contribution to us through Venmo (@masoncountypress), PayPal ( or you may mail it to Media Group 31, PO Box 21, Scottville, MI 49454. 

We thank you for your support. It is an honor to report the news and record the histories of Oceana and Mason counties. 


Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief/Publisher

PS: If you have news items you would like us to consider, please reach out to Editor Allison Scarbrough at