Election results in council races

November 9, 2022

Election results in council races


Hart City Council: (2 elected)

Catalina Burillo: 278

Amanda Klotz: 318

Fred Rybarz, Jr.: 256

Kris Trygstad: 112




Rothbury Village Council: (3 elected)

Autum Drake: 72

Jim Fekken, Jr.: 88

Robert Fulljames: 65

Dylan Zuniga: 85


Walkerville Village Council: (3 elected)

Sue Budde: 54

Ernest Gilbert, Jr.: 26

Jennifer Metts: 32

Barbara Yancey: 16


Delays in other election results due to connection issues to Oceana County Clerk’s Office website beginning around midnight when 13 of 18 precincts had reported.




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