Pentwater couple encourages yes vote on school proposals.

October 12, 2022

Pentwater couple encourages yes vote on school proposals.

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Dear Editor:

We are writing to offer our support for the Pentwater schools bond issue. Proposal I addresses important maintenance issues for the infrastructure of the building and roof as well as updating the antiquated grass and gravel outdoor track. The second part of the millage is a new gym that incorporates existing safety standards for the size of the basketball/volleyball court as well as providing the students and community with an indoor walking track and potentially pickle ball courts. It will be a multipurpose space that will get much use from the students and the community.   

As you are aware, in Michigan we pay for schools whether or not one is in our community. We are happy to pay the millage for this to exist in the Pentwater community for our students and residents, rather than potentially being absorbed into communities north or south of us that pay almost twice as much school millage as we do, even with our new bond.


Nancy and Frank Arvai


Area Churches

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