Publication of Notice of Complaint: Jesus Rodriguez De Los Reyes v. Josefina Gomez Colunga

March 3, 2022


State of Michigan — 27th Circuit Court for the County of Oceana

100 S State St Ste. M-10 Hart, MI (231) 873-3977

Jesus Rodriguez De Los Reyes v. Josefina Gomez Colunga

File No.21-15000-DO

To: Josefina Gomez Colunga

Take Notice: On November 22, 2021 a Complaint was filed against you by Jesus Rodriguez De Los Reyes. You must file a written answer with the court and serve a copy on the party, or take other lawful action within 28 days after publication or posting of this summons, otherwise judgment may be entered against you for relief in the Complaint.

Dated:[Date of Publishing]

Jesus Rodriguez De Los Reyes, Plaintiff

Attorney for Plaintiff

Amy Grauman (P76127)

Avanti Law Group, PLLC

600 28th Street SW

Wyoming, MI 49509

(616) 257-6807


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