Letter to the Editor: Make Pentwater schools competitive in the 21st century.

October 29, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Make Pentwater schools competitive in the 21st century.

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Dear Editor, 

My husband and I moved to Pentwater 10 years ago after spending many weekends and vacation weeks here for the prior 20 years. Like many, we’re passionate about Pentwater. 

But it’s surprising to learn that several respected, well-educated, retired professionals with a much longer connection to Pentwater are either against or undecided about this school bond issue. I can’t accept Pentwater being nothing more than a summertime vacation spot in an otherwise retirement community. Like many, I want to lower our population’s average age; put life in our community in the poorer weather months; have more inside gathering and recreational places in winter; expand cultural opportunities; give today’s and tomorrow’s area kids well-rounded public school educations (like my parents gave me); create demand for housing from families wanting to move here rather than outsiders who turn dwellings into weekly rentals; and have my school millage taxes support our community’s school rather than schools 10-20 miles away.  

That’s why I’m happy to invest to make Pentwater schools competitive in the 21st century, just as taxpayers in other communities are doing for their schools.

Amy LaBarge



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