Letter to the Editor: Pentwater bond proposal is an investment in the school and community

October 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Pentwater bond proposal is an investment in the school and community.

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Dear Editor,

Nov. 2, 2021 is fast approaching. I know of several families, similar to mine, watching to see how the community of Pentwater will vote. Some are families who don’t currently live in Pentwater, but are considering it. They have the ability to choose a community first as they are either self-employed or work remotely.

My wife and I made the move to Pentwater with our two young children for the same reasons these other families are considering it. It has small town charm, great people, the lakes, woods, and a peaceful pace. They have researched the school and know, as we do, that the education itself is award winning. What these other families are wanting to see confirmed is that Pentwater believes in itself and its future.

These families, for instance, tend to expect opportunities in the arts that would be served by a proper theater; athletic facilities that are on par with communities they are moving from; as well as investments that improve and maintain our current school building and mechanicals.

Even if a new influx of families and growing enrollment at Pentwater doesn’t compel you, certainly the addition to community amenities should. A community theater for all citizens to both attend and perform, as well as a community track and gym for the health and wellness of senior citizens, students, and everyone in between would be wonderful.

Pentwater Public Schools is the name on the bond proposal but we all know it’s a Pentwater community bond proposal. I know some communities struggle to make things like bond proposals happen. I don’t see that here. I see a forward-thinking community — a community that’s proud of its roots and invests in its future.

I believe Pentwater’s future includes a thriving school with increasing enrollment that attracts young families and binds the community together. We are Pentwater and we are worth investing in ourselves. Join this Falcon in voting yes Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Jason Vandestelt

Pentwater Township

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