WSCC Dean’s Lists.

October 1, 2021

WSCC Dean’s Lists.

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VICTORY TOWNSHIP (Mason County) — West Shore Community College has released its Dean’s Lists for 2020-2021 Winter Semester and 2021 Summer Semester.  Full-time students achieving a semester grade point average of 3.75 or above receive high honors and full-time students with a grade point average between 3.50 and 3.749 receive honors.

Part-time students are eligible for the Dean’s List when their accumulating grade point averages meet the grade requirements of the terms in which they complete 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 credit hours.

Students named are sorted by county, hometown and are listed as academic high honors or honors:

Winter 2020-2021

Lake County
Honors Shamita E. Kates, Kristen L. LeVanseler, Tina M. Roberts, Jennika M. Cook

High Honors – Breanna K. Domin
– Ezekiel S. Foisy, Jesse A. Schmidt


Honors – Jayme L. Riggs

Manistee County
High Honors – Sylvia L. Mauntler, Rachel L. Shoebridge

Bear Lake
High Honors – Hunter P. Bentley, Margaret J. Bradford, Thomas H. Bradford, Keera Groenwald, Megan E. Gydesen, Linda L. Hartman, Dylan R. Ide, Breanna R. Schneider, Kalissa Swanson,

Honors – Maegan N. Hrachovina, Megan R. Lowe, Quentin Ruiz, Sophia K. Wisniski
East Lake
High Honors – Joshua R. Arnett

High Honors – Emilee G. MacPherson, Leah Nelson, Randi L. Nelson, Hannah G. Winter
High Honors – Breanna M. Alexander, Brendan C. Cook, Glory P. Curtiss, Hope F. Erlandson, Taylor D. Haglund, Kelly S. Kelley, Jessica M. Kiszelik, Shanna R. Knudsen, Emilee D. Kott, Andrew Lloyd, Celeste N. Lloyd, Aleah M. Miller, Ndio B. Mitchell, Cayley P. Nelson, Danielle E. Oleniczak, Danyeil M. Schubert, Julie L. Stec, Alora R. Sundbeck, Austin M. Taylor, Adam S. Vaas , Jasmyn M. White

Honors – Debra M. Bialik, Destiny F. Dulaney, Shelby Fraly, Shannon M. Freese, Brendan R. Jans, Nicholas J. Kolanowski, Brianne L. Krumins, Holly Lafleur, Patrick L. Quinn, Kyria E. Rowe, Christopher W. Rowland, Jeslyn R. Saenz


High Honors – Megan Faber, Jaylona M. Hull, Kaitlin Kubiskey, Mairin K. McCarthy

Honors – Jenna J. Bromley, Sara K. Bromley, Ellery W. McIsaac


High Honors – Claire E. Ball

Mason County


High Honors – Zechariah M. Kmiecik, Kristin L. McCumber, Nicole M. Nelson, Bronwyn K. Stevens
Honors – Grace E. VanDyke

High Honors – Stephen O. Case, Crystal L. Davis, Samantha E. Goodman, Jamie T. Lamb, Adrianna L. Malburg, Adria I. Quigley, Eli W. Shoup, Jessica N. Smith

Honors – Stuart D. Genta, Madisyn A. McCormick, Aidyn S. Terry

Free Soil

High Honors – Brooke E. Mallison

Honors – Billie M. Gajewski, Breanne L. Mallison, Abdiel Nunez


High Honors – Avah I. Anthes, Quinn T. Barcus, Samuel R. Barton, Katherine H. Biggs, Kendall S. Biggs, Tess E. Bradley, Faith R. Burnett, Arthur J. Demorest, Rachel G. Faust, Hannah M. Filter, Caid F. Franz, Gabrielle M. Gonzales, Hannah R. Gremore, Dylan A. Griffing, Alexis M. Groenhout, Travis A. Haner, Faith V. Jensen, Emma K. Klein, CoraLynn I. Kriz, Samantha R. Lee- Reum, Lia M. Lux, Taylor A. Makowicki, Tyler J. Marek, Evan W. McKinley, Sophia C. Powers, Mackenzie K. Reed, Morgan L. Reed, Mary E. Riley, Meg K. Ruba, Nancy R. Ruemmler-Nehm, Jessica R. Ryan, Bryan T. Sanders, Morgan K. Sanocki, Isabella T. Sargent-Graham, Cade M. Scott, Jonas Z. Seerveld, Alexis L. Sheaffer, Raelyn N. Smith, Shelby M. Stakenas, Scott D. Sturgill, Elizabeth R. Townsend, Cassandra M. Vaquera, Anna E. Wietrzykowski, Allison D. Woolard

Honors – Ashley A. Allen, Alaina J. Ashley, Anthony S. Glover, Rosie B. Hathaway, Jackson L. Kimes, Cassandra L. Koob, Karissa Lively, Russell G. Lux, Edward F. Martin, Luke W. McCallum, Amanda G. Mears, Jillian K. Mickevich, Faith Purcell, Atair G. Ramos, Ian A. Ransom, Vibeke E. Rivet, Connor J. Samuels, Claire C. Sargent, Rachel D. Sarto, Cydney J. Schmock, Molly I. Shay, Curtis C. Shepard, Derrick L. Stewart, Ian C. Thibault, Isabella M. VandenHeuvel, Davis H. Webster


High Honors – Shelby M. Brown, Cloe Frederick, Samuel N. Gillette, Haley M. Griffus, Ethan D. Johnson, Ethan S. Johnson, Lauren M. Keller, Rachel L. Kruk, Amy J. Moorlag, Brooke E. Palmer, Russell T. Schade, Jenna L. Smith, Maria C. Sobaski, Brianna M. Visser, Bethany K. Wyman

Honors – Amber L. Bailey, Jessica R. Gerbers, Hannah L. Knizacky, Jonathan S. Kucera, Leah K. Larsen, Mackenzie M. Luce, Kami S. Malzahn, Samantha M. Mayhew, Andrew J. Quinn, Erin R. Wittlieff

Oceana County


High Honors – Brenna L. Aerts, Amya A. Allen, Brooklyn R. Bonine, Delaney C. Bryce, Jasmin Burgos, Harlie B. Choponis, Cassidy H. Copenhaver, Viviana R. Gonzalez, Joshua Huizenga, Ricardo Lazo Jr, Isiah Rodriguez, Cindy B. Santiago

Honors – Joann L. Hambright, Scott E. Pankow, Elias N. Rodriguez, Kaylee L. Tanner, Elizabeth A. Vega

High Honors
– Lynae J. Ackley, Eli D. Draper, Kaitlyn G. Fuehring, Isaac G. VanderKooi

New Era

High Honors – Carla M. Estrada, Matthew A. Felt, Benjamin A. Kelley


High Honors – Spencer L. Bowman, Johnathon M. VanDuinen

High Honors – Mishelle Brito, Jennifer C. Hernandez, Ayanna A. Mendieta, Armando Uribe

Honors – Monica M. Caradonna, Ashley C. Ramirez, Jonah T. Scouten, Celsey S. Tietz

Other Counties


High Honors – Virginia Wilmot

High Honors – Sherry Gaines

Big Rapids
High Honors – Meaghan M. Miller

High Honors – Rachel A. Meisenbach


Honors – Heather Taipalus


High Honors – Jennifer L. Bogner, Amanda M. Rosado, Matthew J. TerVeer


High Honors – Cameron M. Brayman

Honors – Caleb J. Geeting, Hayley M. Picard

High Honors – Angelique R. Bell, Christopher J. Sotelo


High Honors Olivia R. Lacy

White Cloud
High Honors – Valerie N. Saville

Honors Cristy J. Freeman

High Honors – Jenny S. Eisenga

Grand Haven
High Honors – Jacob H. Criswell



Honors – Amanda J. Ross


High Honors – Skylar J. Wojciechowski

Other Country

Nong Bon Prawet, Bangkock
High Honors – Natakanya Sitthanavithan


Zimbabwe, Southeast Africa
Honors – Nathan K. Chikwekwe

Summer Semester 2021

Lake County

High Honors – Kimberley L. Masunas

Manistee County
High Honors – Hope F. Erlandson, Taylor D. Haglund, Alyssa R. Jackoviak, Kaitelynne S. Lange, Alora R. Sundbeck

Honors – Celeste N. Lloyd

Mason County


High Honors – Jessica R. Ryan

Honors – Russell G. Lux, Heather R. Trout


High Honors – Samuel N. Gillette, Ethan S. Johnson

Honors – Lauren M. Keller

Oceana County


High Honors – Matthew R. Fitch

New Era

High Honors – Carla M. Estrada

Muskegon County

High Honors
– Andrea M. Carnes


High Honors – Jessica A. Fairbanks

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