In support of the ESD special education millage renewal. 

April 23, 2021

In support of the ESD special education millage renewal. 

Dear Editor,

This letter is being written to ask for your support for the special education millage election on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. The millage is for the West Shore Educational Service District, but benefits all the school districts of Lake, Mason, and Oceana counties. While working as a psychologist, social worker, and administrator for over 56 years, I was blessed to have served our special needs kids and adults in every school district and community within the West Shore Educational Service District. 

Being a part of the lives of thousands of young people and being fortunate to watch their social and educational growth through the years has been such a rewarding experience. The small millage is so critical for the kids throughout Lake, Mason, and Oceana counties so they have an opportunity to gain life skills and have as high a quality life as possible. The folks at WSESD and the local school districts dedicate themselves to that goal. I can think of no better investment for the lives of our young citizens. There is no tax increase, just a renewal of what currently is being levied. Please continue to support our special needs kids with a yes vote on May 4. 

Brig. General (Ret) Axel A. Johnson III Ph.D. 


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