Water Road construction tops road commission’s project list.

March 26, 2021

Water Road construction tops road commission’s project list.

By Allison Scarbrough, Editor.

HART TOWNSHIP — The Oceana County Road Commission has several miles of road repairs on its 2021 project list, and reconstruction of deteriorated Water Road is a major project already underway.

A collaboration between the township and the road commission, the road that once was a state highway is going to get a much-needed overhaul from Polk Road to Taylor Road.

With a total project cost of $541,245, the township is contributing over $325,000, said Oceana County Road Commission Managing Director Mark Timmmer.

The project will be done in two phases, said Timmer. Concrete will be removed this year, and the road will be repaved next year. This allows it to “sit” for a season through the freeze/thaw cycle, so the road commission can determine if there are any issues and correct them before re-paving the surface next year.

Township Supervisor Jay McGhan was instrumental in getting the project off the ground, said Timmer, and the township board voted unanimously to go ahead with it. “The Oceana County Sheriff’s Office has also been very supportive of our efforts,” he said.

“Water Road has been a long-time concern,” said Oceana County Sheriff Craig Mast, who has heard many comments from residents about the road’s poor condition and the wear and tear it has caused vehicles. “That road is terrible. Historically, that is an old state road. Mr. Timmer’s hard work and persistence have made this project a reality along with the leadership of the township. It’s a good collaboration toward an appropriate fix.”

Work has already begun as crews are performing tree and ditch work along the route.

There will be more road repair projects added to the list after they are OK’d at the township level, said Timmer.

The following is a list of road commission projects that have already received township approval and their total cost:


– 186th Avenue north of Grant Road for a quarter mile, gravel upgrade, $33,841.

– Hawley Street, Riverview Drive to 192nd Avenue, durapatch, chip seal, fog seal, $32,564.

– 200th Avenue, Pierce Road to Baker Road, pulverize and return to gravel, $29,071.


– Harrison Road, Railroad Road to 64th Avenue, overlay, $257,135.

– 14th Avenue, 4,900 feet, gravel upgrade, $91,855.

– Railroad Road, Deer Road to Harrison Road, chip/fog seal, $50,086.

– Deer Road, 56th Avenue to 34th Avenue, chip/fog seal, $110,710.

– 56th Avenue, Polk Road to Deer Road, chip seal/fog seal, $20,533.

– Fox Road, 48th Avenue to 34th Avenue, chip/fog seal, $70,524.

– 34th Avenue, Deer Road, Hazel Road, roundabout, chip seal/fog seal, $111,093.

– Silver Lake Road, roundabout to Mac Woods, chip/fog seal, $59,546. “Unfortunately, there is no way to not do that during the tourist season,” said Timmer due to nighttime temperatures being too cold during the spring and fall months. The work will likely be done during midweek to avoid Friday and Monday traffic that occurs in conjunction with weekends.


– Wilke Road east of 44th Avenue one half mile, crush, shape and pave, $126,687.

– 36th Avenue, north of the township hall about a one half mile, crush, shape and pave, $134,279.


– Robinhood Drive off Webster Road, crush, shape and pave, $105,539.

– Webster Road, Oceana Drive to west of 80th Avenue, durapatch/overlay, $145,969.

– Cleveland Road, 96th Avenue to 100th Avenue, durapatch/overlay, $88,796.


– Lake Breeze Drive, Ridge Road to the dead end, prepare for paving (2,510 feet), berm, trees, cul-de-sac (90 feet), gravel/grade, $72,000.

– Ridge Road, Longbridge Road to the Methodist camp, durapatch/chip seal/fog seal, $53,610.

– Hammett Road, village limits to township line, durapatch/chip seal/fog seal, $39,885.

– Lakeview Drive, Monroe Road to the end including cul-de-sac, $15,000.


– Garfield Road, from Stony Lake to oval, crush/shape/remove 300 feet of concrete and pave, $141,619.

– Scenic Drive, from Stony Lake to south 3,730 feet, durapatch and chip seal/fog seal, $26,328.

– 44th Avenue north of Stony Lake Road 2,650 feet, sand lift, ditching and gravel upgrade, $79,254.

– Grant Road from 40th Avenue to 28th Avenue, crush, shape and pave 8,830 feet, $391,464.

Southern and northern portions of Oceana Drive are also going to be repaired. At the southern end of the county, Oceana Drive from Roosevelt Road to the Village of Rothbury will be repaired with a project cost of $300,000. To the north, Oceana Drive north of Monroe Road will receive concrete patching and shoulder re-paving at a total cost of $220,000.

192nd Avenue from Skeels Road to McKinley Road will be repaired with $607,000 in federal aid and a 20 percent match from the road commission.

Many of the approved projects are funded by both the township and the road commission with many costs split 50-50. There are some funded entirely by the township as well as some funded entirely by the road commission.

Timmer reminds motorists to be patient during road construction season. “Watch out for the workers and contractors. We know we’re in people’s way and interrupting their schedules, but we’re trying to make the roads better for them.” The hassle is worth the reward, however. “In Michigan, people appreciate driving on new roads.”

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