Village, school district finalize Getty Field agreement.

November 1, 2019

Village, school district finalize Getty Field agreement.

SHELBY – Village and school officials wrapped up negotiations earlier this week and unanimously approved a final Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for Getty Field during special meetings Wednesday, Oct. 30.

The agreement will allow both the Shelby school district’s athletic programs and the community to utilize Getty Field, states a joint press release from the village and the school.

Given that the boundary of Getty Park includes Getty Field, which has been used by Shelby Public Schools, the village and the school worked together to ensure that no disruption occurs to the school’s athletic programs.

“This agreement provides the whole community with a valuable asset to be proud of,” the press release states.

“In the spirit of cooperation and for the benefit of the greater Shelby community, both parties came together to finalize this agreement,” said Shelby Public Schools Superintendent Tim Reeves. “With this agreement, the athletic staff can continue to work with the children on developing their soccer skills and leadership competencies learned while participating in team sports.”

“This agreement demonstrates how both entities sat down and worked together to continue the long, rich history of partnership for the benefit of our community,” said Shelby Village Administrator Rob Widigan. “Vibrant parks are an economic boost to a community, and we look forward to seeing the community utilize Getty Field more.”

The village has been planning major improvements at Getty Park for the last several months. It is located on Sixth Street and runs along both sides of School Street.

The park and field were deeded to the village by George B. Getty and Sarah J. Getty in 1908, states the village’s website.

To read the final IGA, go to or Community members with questions about the final IGA are encouraged to call Widigan at 231-861-4401 or Reeves at 231-861-5211.