Uprooted tree damages home during violent thunderstorm.

August 27, 2018

– Contributed photo

Uprooted tree damages home during violent thunderstorm.


ROTHBURY — Sunday night’s wild thunderstorms wreaked havoc for many people in Oceana County, including Brian Conrad whose house was damaged when a gigantic walnut tree uprooted and fell on it.

Conrad, who lives on South 180th Avenue, said the tree, which was at least 40 feet tall, damaged his home’s deck and roof. His neighbors had an even taller tree collapse in their yard, he said.

Conrad said his home is insured and is waiting to finding out if the damage is covered by his insurance company.

In Rothbury, the storm dumped over 5 inches of rain overnight, Aug. 26.

More storms are expected tonight, but they are not predicted to be as severe as last night’s round of storms.

– Contributed photo




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