Poetry contest pays tribute to late educator.

May 30, 2018

Joan Ramseyer travels in Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii in 2015. Photo by Brett Ramseyer

Poetry contest pays tribute to late educator.

HART – A new creative outlet for literature opened May 24, for all interested creative writers in an international poetry contest.

The Joan Ramseyer Memorial Poetry Contest (JRMPC) announced its first annual competition for one page of profound and accessible poetry in the style of the late Hart High School English Literature, Hart Board of Education President and friend of the Hart Public Library, Joan Ramseyer.

“Joan was my teacher at Hart High School, then a colleague on the Hart Public School Board, but best and of most importance, a true and trusted friend of my soul. I miss her every day and know a tribute of poetry and words are an apt form to honor Joan,” said Beth Snider, Hart community member and Flower Garden Level patron of the JRMPC.

Joan’s son, who is a Hart High School English teacher and the contest organizer, Brett Ramseyer said, “I am frequently stopped in Hart or Shelby by unfamiliar faces who begin saying, ‘You don’t know who I am, but I really miss your mom.’ They let me know what a tremendous impact she had on those around her and how much I have to live up to. That is why I started this contest, a way to give back to the arts community, remembering mom’s generosity.”

Contest entry costs $10 paid through Submittable where there are also five donation levels for patrons interested in sustaining the contest for years to come. Poetry prize amounts are first – $100, second – $50, third- $25, but will increase if there are many poem submissions to fund the event. Submissions close Aug. 17.

Former teaching colleague and current Hart High School Literature teacher Susan Hall said, “The Joan Ramseyer Memorial Poetry Contest is an exciting opportunity for writers of all ages to engage creatively and add a voice to an assembly of others writing in the spirit of a remarkable woman.”

Now all can celebrate Joan Ramseyer when the winning entries publish Sept. 23, 2018, her birthday.


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