Women Who Care bring music to students’ ears.

March 19, 2018

Women Who Care bring music to students’ ears.


After a 2011 car accident tragically took the life of a 24-year-old Shelby High School graduate, his family formed the David P. Markiewicz Memorial Fund to honor David’s love for music by raising funds that would support music programs in Oceana schools.

Markiewicz was a talented musician who played guitar – a talent he had hoped to pass on to his children.

This important nonprofit serving Oceana County residents received a boost, March 6, when Oceana’s Women Who Care met at the Boathouse in Pentwater and chose to have each of its 155 members write $100 personal checks to the fund. Totaling $15,500, these individual gifts will give more Oceana County students the opportunity to increase their musical skills.

Carrying on David’s legacy, the Markiewicz Fund has purchased equipment, uniforms, and music; and established a band instrument lending program for students who can’t afford to purchase or rent them. The goal is to have no barriers to Oceana students participating in school music programs.

Once again, Oceana’s Women Who Care have used their recipe for focused, impactful, personal philanthropy. WWC members meet for an hour, beginning at 5:30 p.m., on the first Tuesday of March, June, September and December, at an Oceana County restaurant. Attendees nominate various nonprofits that benefit Oceana residents. Three causes are randomly chosen, and attendees hear about each of them. The nonprofit getting the most votes receives a $100 personal contribution from each member, even those who could not attend the meeting.

Members agree to do this four times a year. Socializing follows each meeting for those who can stay. The group welcomes other area women who want to be a part of this unique, joint way of magnifying their individual contributions to Oceana nonprofits serving our community.

The next meeting is June 5 at Stony Lake Inn.

The Markiewicz Fund is one of the Community Foundation for Oceana County’s 135 funds formed by individuals, couples, families and organizations. For more information about it, check out http://www.davidsmusiclegacy.org/sample-page/.

For information about Women Who Care, call Amy LaBarge at 313-268-2086, or check out facebook.com/womenwhocareofoceanacounty.



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