Late Shelby grad’s love for music lives on through contributions to school programs.

January 16, 2018

Late Shelby grad’s love for music lives on through contributions to school programs.



SHELBY — Proceeds from the Fifth Annual David P. Markiewicz Golf scramble of $12,100 will be donated this year to eight music programs in Oceana County schools.

During the past five years since this memorial fund was founded, it has contributed over $48,000. The following schools who participate and receive grants include: Hart Public Schools, New Era Christian School, Oceana Christian School, Pentwater Public Schools and Shelby Public Schools.

The David P. Markiewicz Memorial Fund, which is a member of the Community Foundation for Oceana County, was founded in 2013. This fund was created by the family of David, a 2005 Shelby High School graduate, to celebrate his legacy of his love for music.

As the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen once wrote, “Where words fail, music speaks.” David spoke through music. Music was the thread that weaved through his life and connected himself with others. The Markiewicz family’s goal is to continue this love of music and to help open the doors for kids in Oceana County Schools, so they can have the opportunity of learning the language and art of music by promoting music education through the local schools.

Money that is raised is distributed to make funds available to purchase equipment and supplies that are currently in need. Some of the purchases included, music instruments, contribution toward new band uniforms, contribution toward the purchase of equipment for the piano lab, boom whackers, microphones and recording devices, music stand cards, instructional white boards, bells, sheet music, rights to use a play, audio-visual equipment, contribution toward a used piano for the choir. Secondly, funds are set aside for an endowment fund to be used for the future needs of the schools.

“We are very thankful to all our volunteers and sponsors and golfers who helped make this a success,” said Robert Markiewicz. “This year, we were blessed to have a generous contribution of $5,000 placed in the endowment fund from the Electric Forest (Festival) for the future of music in Oceana County schools. This amount is in addition to the amount raised in the 2017 at the golf scramble.”


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