Governor signs Hansen’s bill repealing failed keg tag law

November 29, 2017

Sen. Hansen, standing, with Gov. Snyder.

Governor signs Hansen’s bill repealing failed keg tag law

LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed Sen. Goeff Hansen’s legislation repealing a state law that failed to achieve its goal of curbing underage drinking.

Senate Bill 372, now Public Act 166 of 2017, eliminates a 2010 law establishing “keg registration requirements” that proponents had hoped would discourage those under 21 from drinking, especially on college campuses.

“The intent of the law was a noble one, but it was misguided,” said Hansen, R-Hart. “Instead of cutting down on underage drinking, the implementation of keg tags seems to have simply changed the type of alcohol being purchased.”

Under the earlier law, to purchase a keg, the buyer was required to show identification and list their name, address and phone number on a receipt. In addition, a $30 keg deposit would not be returned unless the keg tag remained intact when the empty keg was returned.

When the law took effect in 2011, reductions in the sales of kegs were offset by increases in the sales of liquor, cases of beer and other alcohol that did not require registration or deposit.

Hansen represents Senate District 34, which includes Oceana County.

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