Police arrest fugitive driving on a suspended license.

March 27, 2017

servproPolice arrest fugitive driving on a suspended license.

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HART TOWNSHIP — Michigan State Police troopers from the Hart post arrested a 27-year-old Hart man, who was a wanted fugitive, Saturday, March 25, at 10:20 p.m. on Lake Road near 88th Avenue.

The suspect was arrested for driving while license suspended (DWLS) and on the fugitive warrant. He was lodged in the Oceana County Jail.

The following is other police activity in Oceana County over the weekend:

Friday, March 24, 2017:

– Midnight, (Oceana County Sheriff’s Office), no license, US 31, Shelby Township.

– 12:21 a.m., (OCSO), assist Michigan State Police with a suspicious situation, 600 block of South Harvey Street, Village of Shelby.

– 9:26 a.m., (OCSO), larceny, West Webster Road, Grant Township.

– 11:36 a.m., (OCSO), peacekeeping, East Skeels Road, Otto Township.

– 12:24 p.m., (OCSO), peacekeeping, West Filmore Road, Golden Township.

– 1:23 p.m., (OCSO), dumping complaint, North 112th Avenue and Madison Road, Crystal Township.

– 2:43 p.m., (OCSO), suspicious vehicle, North Railroad and West Harrison roads, Golden Township.

– 3 p.m., (MSP), an assault on Sessions Road in Shelby Township that had occurred days earlier was reported. The case is under investigation.

– 5:27 p.m., (OCSO), larceny from a vehicle, North 56th Avenue, Golden Township.

– 6:07 p.m., (OCSO), car/deer crash northbound US 31, Weare Township.

– 6:34 p.m., (OCSO), larceny, West Longbridge, Pentwater Township.

– 7:36 p.m., (OCSO), stray dog, West Shelby Road, Shelby Township.

Saturday, March 25, 2017:

– 7:43 a.m., (OCSO), alarm, North Oceana Drive, Hart Township.

– 8:07 a.m., (OCSO), warrant arrest, Oceana County Sheriff’s Office. A 42-year-old Holton man turned himself in on a delivery of marijuana charge issued in Oceana County.

– 5:21 p.m., (OCSO), suspicious explosion, East Vanburen Road and North 176th Avenue, Leavitt Township.

– 8:13 p.m., (OCSO), DWLS, East Skeels Road, Greenwood Township.

10:10 p.m., (OCSO), loose dog, West Cleveland Road, Grant Township.

Sunday, March 26, 2017:

– 12:08 a.m., (MSP), a 32-year-old Hart man was arrested for DWLS and driving without insurance, Oceana Drive near Polk Road, Hart Township.

– 2:50 a.m., (OCSO), shots fired, South 152nd Avenue, Ferry Township.

– 4:52 a.m., (OCSO), assist Hart Police Department, 500 Block of East Church Street, City of Hart.

– 5:03 a.m., (OCSO), disturbance, East Garfield Road, Ferry Township.

– 6:37 a.m., (OCSO), disturbance, North Courtland Street, City of Hart.

– 10:49 a.m., (OCSO), property check, West Buchanan Road and North 72nd Avenue, Shelby Township.

– 12:21 p.m., (OCSO), DWLS, North Young and West Polk Road, Hart Township.

– 12:44 p.m., (OCSO), vehicle crash, no injuries, US 31 and West Monroe Road, Weare Township.

– 1:32 p.m., (OCSO), suspicious vehicle, Wolf Road and North 136th Avenue, Crystal Township.

– 2:51 p.m., (OCSO), family dispute, West Monroe Road, Weare Township.

– 5:42 p.m., (OCSO), family disturbance, West Tahoe Trail, Grant Township.

– 8:56 p.m., (OCSO), reckless driver, 176th Avenue and Dennis Keating Drive, Colfax Township.

– 9:03 p.m., (OCSO), VIN inspection, East Wilke Road, Otto Township.

– 10:26 p.m., (OCSO), vehicle crash, no injuries, West Monroe Road, Pentwater Township.

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