Sheriff warns of IRS scam.

March 23, 2017

ocso_oceana_sheriffSheriff warns of IRS scam.

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HART — The Oceana County Sheriff’s Office reports that it is continuing to receive complaints from local people who are receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be IRS representatives, and the callers are threatening the people with arrest.

“Please be advised that, once again, citizens are receiving telephone calls and voicemail messages from individuals purporting to be with the IRS,” stated Oceana County Sheriff Craig Mast. “The callers are threatening people with arrest, etc., if they do not pay what they say are taxes owed.

“Please know that the IRS will NEVER call individuals regarding tax matters,” Mast said. “If citizens receive such telephone calls, they need to just hang up. If they receive voicemail messages, they need to delete and disregard them.

“Additionally, there is no use in reporting receipt of such scam phone calls, as there is absolutely nothing we can do about it at this time,” the sheriff said. “As always, citizens should never, ever, give personal information over the telephone, whether it be bank account information, social security information, dates of birth, addresses, etc.”

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