Hesperia student gains state recognition for art.

March 22, 2017

prado artworkHesperia student gains state recognition for art.

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HESPERIA — Hesperia student Olivia Prado has gained statewide attention for her artwork entitled “Mexican American Gothic,” which also serves as a political statement to raise awareness about Mexican-American families’ daily struggles.

“Hesperia Community Schools would like to congratulate Olivia Prado for being a ‘state champion’ in the arts,” stated her art teacher Casmara Karrip. “Her artwork has been placed in one of the top state shows. She is a wonderful artist with a lot of talent. She deserves this recognition for her natural ability to create art and all of her hard work and time she puts into it. Her artwork will be in the Michigan Art Education Association’s yearly show and contest. Her piece will be on display at the Michigan Department of Education building in Lansing for the entire year.”

Prado’s artist statement about the piece reads as follows: “I created this piece to work on incorporating political statements into my artwork. This piece was meant to be a parody of Wood’s classic work, however the work projects the life of Mexican-Americans. The two people in the work are my brother and I, and, rather than representing the people living in the farmhouse, represent the people who work for the people in the big farmhouse. With this piece I hope to shed light on the struggles of Mexican-American families in their everyday lives.”

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