Break-ins, stolen vehicle, domestic assaults among police activity.

March 22, 2017

servproBreak-ins, stolen vehicle, domestic assaults among police activity.

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The following is recent police activity in Oceana County:

Monday, March 20, 2017:

– 8:20 a.m., (Michigan State Police), car/deer crash, Polk Road and 104th Avenue, Hart Township.

– 8:03 p.m., (MSP), a 31-year-old Southfield, Michigan man was arrested on a fugitive warrant, Polk Road and State Street, Hart.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017:

– 5:48 a.m., (Oceana County Sheriff’s Office), car/deer crash, Oceana Drive and Harrison Road, Hart Township.

– 8:06 a.m., (OCSO), suspicious situation, West Webster Road and South 88th Avenue, Grant Township.

– Noon, (OCSO), unlawful driving away of a vehicle, East Loop Road, Newfield Township.

– 1:50 p.m., (OCSO), breaking and entering, South Sagola Trail, Grant Township.

– 3:44 p.m., (OCSO), larceny, East Tyler Road, Elbridge Township.

– 3:44 p.m., (MSP), domestic assault, 7000 block of South Forest Glen Drive, Otto Township. Case is under investigation. OCSO assisted.

– 4:14 p.m., (OCSO), breaking and entering, East Garfield Road, Greenwood Township.

– 6:01 p.m., (OCSO), vehicle crash, no injuries, West Garfield near South 104th Avenue, Shelby Township.

– 7:50 p.m., (OCSO), a 22-year-old Hart man was arrested for a conservation violation warrant issued in Muskegon County, 100 block of West Main Street, City of Hart.

– 8:03 p.m., (OCSO), car/deer crash, East Tyler Road, Elbridge Township.

– 9:40 p.m., (OCSO), suspicious situation, Edgewood Road, Golden Township.

– 10:31 p.m., (OCSO), assist Hesperia Police Department with a domestic violence complaint.

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