Bob Schulz is a ‘Cool Teacher.’

March 17, 2017
Hart fourth grade teacher Bob Schulz and student Faith Vander Vlucht. Faith nominated Schulz for the Cool Teacher award.

Hart fourth grade teacher Bob Schulz and student Faith Vander Vlucht. Faith nominated Schulz for the Cool Teacher award.

Bob Schulz is a ‘Cool Teacher.’

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By Allison Scarbrough. Editor.

HART — When you walk into Bob Schulz’s fourth grade classroom at Spitler Elementary School, it is pretty easy to see why he has been named WGVU’s Cool Teacher.

The classroom is filled with interactive projects and students extremely eager to participate and learn.

cool teacherNominated by student Faith Vander Vlucht, Schulz was honored by WGVU with a pizza party Thursday, March 16. A WGVU filming team visited the school to interview Faith and film the exciting hands-on projects going on in the energized classroom.

“He’s funny,” Faith said. “He elaborates on some school projects that we sometimes don’t (understand). He tries to help us as much as he can. He has some really cool class pets.”

“WGVU’s Cool Teacher Contest is designed to recognize outstanding teachers in West and Southwest Michigan and the important role they play in the lives of their students,” states WGVU’s website. “The WGVU Cool Teacher Award is a special event for grades K-8 students and teachers. Students nominate their teacher for this award by writing to WGVU and telling us why they think their teacher is ‘Cool.’ WGVU selects three winning teachers each month from September through April.”

Schulz received a framed Cool Teacher award, and he and his class willcool teacher - 2 be promoted on WGVU TV. The segment is slated to air intermittently April 4-11.

“Receiving the award means a great deal to me,” Schulz said. “The award helps me realize that students appreciate all of the hard work that teachers put into lessons and activities. I am very fortunate to work in such an outstanding school with a great staff, administrator and so many wonderful students.”

This is Schulz’s first year teaching fourth grade and his fifth year at Hart Public Schools’ Spitler Elementary. He previously taught at Ludington Public Schools for two years and has taught kindergarten and second grade.

“Faith Vander Vlucht nominated Bob Schulz for the award because he always has interactive projects and always makes sure his students understand how science affects their lives,” WGVU’s press release states.

“Each month WGVU judges all entries and selects the best letters based on the student’s evidence of learning.”

At the end of the school year, WGVU hosts a special Cool Teacher awards banquet for all the winning teachers, students, parents and sponsors.

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