Soup supper this Friday to benefit K9 unit.

January 25, 2017

OCSOProceeds go toward K-9 unit for sheriff’s office.

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FERRY TOWNSHIP — Oceana County Sheriff Craig Mast plans to establish a K-9 unit in the sheriff’s office, and a soup supper at the Newman Church this Friday, Jan. 27, from 5:30-7 p.m. is one step toward that goal.

All proceeds from the soup supper will go toward the K-9 unit.

Members of the sheriff’s office will be in attendance at the benefit. This supper will also serve as an opportunity for the public to express its appreciation to the officers for protecting and serving the community.

A K-9 unit has not been in Oceana County for nearly 10 years, Mast said. “This means our county has had to endure dangerous delays while waiting for a K-9 unit from other law enforcement agencies to arrive,” Mast said. “These delays may be the difference between life and death in searching for lost or missing persons, such as children, hunters, Alzheimer’s patients and other situations.”

A K-9 unit is also an invaluable resource for tracking down dangerous suspects and drug investigations and enforcement. “A K-9 unit could also be used as a huge deterrent while searching our local school parking lots, locker rooms and hallways – a way to keep drugs out of our schools, neighborhoods and community.”

The sheriff’s office encourages the community to support the effort by attending the delicious soup supper, which includes dessert, and giving generously to the fund to launch the K-9 program.

Stay tuned for other ways to contribute to the worthy cause.

Newman Church is located at the intersection of M 20 and 132nd Avenue in Ferry Township.

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