Yes, the school closings are accurate.

January 9, 2017

Yes, the school closings are accurate. 


Editorial by Rob Alway, Editor-in-Chief.

It’s almost predictable that whenever we post about a school closing, very early in the morning hours, that someone, via social media, questions the accuracy of such information. I’m not quite sure why that is. We aren’t questioned about the legitimacy of a story when we post about a house fire, a court case, or a car crash (well, most of the time we aren’t).

We report the news. Our job is to get the story out to you and inform you early on so you can adjust your daily schedule as needed. In order to do this, we are often provided the information before other methods of communication are used, such as the school’s telephone or text alert system. We have arrangements with several school districts to be on their first tier of information, meaning we get that information often the same time the school staff does, if not sooner. In many cases, this is a phone call or text directly from the school’s superintendent. You can’t get too much closer to the source than that.

We often post our news and information before other media do (not always, but often). Just because the school closing isn’t on a different news site doesn’t mean it’s not true. Keep in mind that many of the TV media monitor our site and its social media pages as well as you do. You can be assured that we are your local source for news and the closings that we post are accurate.

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