Sheriff’s office investigating disabled man’s death.

January 9, 2017

servpro_springstead_022616Sheriff’s office investigating disabled man’s death.

Busy weekend for local police.

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NEWFIELD TOWNSHIP — The death of a 55-year-old disabled Hesperia man Friday, Jan. 6, at noon in the 5000 block of East Loop Road is currently under investigation by the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office, according to Oceana County Sheriff Craig Mast.

It is not a suspicious death, Mast said. “Circumstances at hand are being investigated due to the possibility of neglect.” The man was physically disabled, he said.

The following is other recent police activity:

Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017:

– 9 a.m., (Hart Police Department), trespassing complaint, 50 block of South State Street, Hart.

– 4 p.m., (HPD), a 17-year-old Hart man was arrested for domestic violence, 400 block of Courtland Street, Hart.

– 5 p.m., (HPD), trespassing complaint, 400 block of State Street, Hart.

Friday, Jan. 6, 2017:

– 7 a.m., (OCSO), vehicle crash, no injuries, US 31 and M 20, Shelby Township.

– 8 a.m., (Michigan State Police), a 54-year-old Hart man was arrested for driving while license suspended (DWLS) following a non-injury crash, US 31 and Polk Road, Hart Township.

– 8:15 a.m., (OCSO), vehicle crash, no injuries, James and Oak streets, New Era.

– 8:42 a.m., (OCSO), vehicle crash, no injuries, West Monroe Road and Oceana Drive, Weare Township.

– 9:07 a.m., (OCSO), vehicle slide-off, no damage or injuries, Water Road, Shelby Township.

– 10:21 a.m., (OCSO), motorist assist, Oceana Drive near Buchanan Road, Shelby Township.

– 11:05 a.m., (MSP), car vs. semi-truck crash, no injuries, Oceana Drive near Gundy’s Garage, Grant Township.

– 11:24 a.m., (HPD), criminal sexual conduct (CSC) reported, alleged incident occurred last month, under investigation, Hart.

– 12:09 p.m, (OCSO), family dispute, 4000 block of East Hazel Road, Elbridge Township, no arrests.

– 12:30 p.m., (MSP), two-vehicle crash, no injuries, Oceana Drive near Dad’s Automotive, Shelby Township.

– 12:38 p.m., (HPD), one-vehicle crash, no injuries, North State Street near Hilltop Drive, Hart.

– 12:39 p.m., (OCSO), a 40-year-old Walkerville woman arrested on a warrant for uttering and publishing and forgery following a disturbance, 100 block of Main Street, Village of Walkerville.

– 4 p.m., (OCSO), semi truck vs. garbage truck crash involving injuries, North 176th Avenue near Madison Road, Crystal Township. Accident report will not be available until Tuesday, Jan. 10.

– 6:20 p.m., (MSP), car/deer crash, Madison Road near 136th Avenue, Crystal Township.

– 6:36 p.m., (OCSO), car/deer crash, 16th Avenue, Benona Township.

– 9:35 p.m., (HPD), CSC, under investigation, Hart.

– 10:30 p.m., (OCSO), roll-over crash, no injuries, North 144th Avenue and Madison Road, Crystal Township.

– 11:37 p.m., (OCSO), false alarm, 2300 block of South 16th Avenue, Benona Township.

Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017:

– 12:25 a.m., (OCSO, HPD), assist to Hart Area Fire Department, 200 Block of Dryden Street, Hart. There was smoke inside the house, but no fire, according to Hart Police Chief Juan Salazar.

– 12:40 a.m., (OCSO), one car roll-over crash, no injuries, US 31 in Grant Township.

– 6:11 a.m., (OCSO), run away, 300 block of North Maple Street, Shelby. Subject was located at boyfriend’s residence.

– 10:41 a.m., (OCSO), crash involving minor injury, Oceana Drive and Buchanan Road, Shelby Township.

– 11:21 a.m., (HPD), two-vehicle crash, no injuries, Wood and Union streets, Hart.

– 12:04 p.m., (OCSO), vehicle slide-off, no injuries, US 31, Hart Township.

– 12:51 p.m., (OCSO), vehicle rollover crash, no injuries, US 31, Pentwater Township.

– 2:39 p.m., (OCSO), motorist assist US 31, Shelby Township.

– 2:50 p.m., (MSP), a 31-year-old Muskegon man was arrested for marijuana possession, southbound US 31 near mile marker 153, Weare Township.

– 4:07 p.m., (OCSO), distraught individual, 5000 block of East Loop Road, Newfield Township.

– 7:43 p.m., (OCSO), car/deer crash, Arthur Road and 56th Avenue, Claybanks Township.

– 10:30 p.m., (MSP), car/deer crash, northbound US 31 near mile marker 146, Shelby Township.

Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017:

– 7:06 a.m., (OCSO), suspicious situation, 8500 block of South Maple Island Road, Greenwood Township. Complainant heard noises outside, unfounded.

– 11:33 a.m., (OCSO), family troubles, 1000 block of Sandcreek Trail, Otto Township.

– 1:28 p.m., (OCSO), civil dispute, 3200 block of North 72nd Avenue, Hart Township.

– 4:14 p.m., (OCSO), motorist assist, US 31, Hart Township.

– 6:58 p.m., (OCSO), child custody dispute, 3400 block of West Madison Road, Weare Township.

– 7:20 p.m., (OCSO), car/deer crash, Polk Road and 124th Avenue, Elbridge Township.

– 8:30 p.m., (OCSO), child custody dispute, 3100 block of Pawnee Trail, Grant Township.

– 9:39 p.m., (HPD), unwanted person, 300 block of Hart Street, Hart. Person left.

Monday, Jan. 9, 2017:

– Midnight, (MSP), a 33-year-old Muskegon woman was arrested at the Muskegon County Jail on an Oceana County warrant for failure to appear and transported to the Oceana County Jail where she was lodged.

– 12:57 a.m., (OCSO), vehicle crash, no injuries, York Road, Ferry Township.

– 3:33 a.m., (OCSO), larceny of a Kawasaki KX 60 dirt bike, 7400 block of West Forrest Glenn Road, Otto Township. Case is under investigation.

– 7:33 a.m., (MSP), car vs. tree crash, no injuries, Arthur Road and South 144th Avenue, Otto Township.

– 9:30 a.m., (HPD), malicious destruction of property, tires punctured, 200 block of East Main Street, Hart. Case is under investigation.

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