Community’s support for fire victims ‘overwhelming.’

December 18, 2016

parkview manor fireCommunity’s support for fire victims ‘overwhelming.’

No more donations needed.

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HART — The Oceana community has gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist the Parkview Manor victims, and donations are now no longer needed.

“Thank you to everyone who has donated to the victims of the Parkview Manor apartment fire in Hart!” states Oceana’s Home Partnership Facebook page. “The response has been amazingly overwhelming. At this time, there has been so much donated, that it appears that all needs have been more than met!! Our partners in the community that are collecting and distributing the donations are overwhelmed with handling all of the donations received, so at this time we gratefully request that no more items be donated. We will continue to post and share any specific needs that have not been met!

“What an awesome community we belong to!!”

The massive fire destroyed two eight-unit buildings early Thursday morning, Dec. 15. Six people received minor injuries, and the entire six-building complex was evacuated. Firefighters were on scene for 14 hours.

Investigators have been at the scene to determine what caused the fire.

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