Chief urges residents to keep cars, houses locked.

November 30, 2016

HPDCity experiencing rash of thefts from vehicles.

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HART — The Hart Police Department is urging residents to lock their vehicles and homes due to several larcenies from vehicles in recent weeks, said Hart Police Chief Juan Salazar.

“Theft reports of suspects stealing items from unlocked vehicles are specifically being reported,” Salazar said. “Suspects are going car-to-car, checking vehicles to see if they are unlocked. If the vehicle is locked, the suspect passes it by and moves to the next vehicle. If the doors are unlocked, personal property is being stolen.”

The chief “strongly encourages people not to leave anything of value in their vehicle, including firearms. The Hart Police Department encourages residents to be aware of their neighborhoods and report suspicious people and vehicles.”

Residents can report suspicious activity 24 hours a day by calling 911 or contacting Mason/Oceana Central Dispatch at (231) 869-5858. They can also call the Hart Police Department at (231) 873-2488 during normal business hours.

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