Deer carcass pile causes concern.

November 18, 2016

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UPDATE: The homeowner who brought this to our attention states that approximately an hour after this story was posted that she was contacted by the road commission, which took responsibility for the pile. The DNR also contacted OCP and said it was the road commission’s pile. These deer were struck by vehicles – no poaching occurred. The pile has been removed. 

Deer carcass pile causes concern.


By Allison Scarbrough. Editor.

WEARE TOWNSHIP — Tami Smith discovered a gruesome scene just 200 yards from her property on 96th Avenue Thursday, Nov. 17.

A hunter who she allowed to hunt on her land told her that he found a pile of eight deer carcasses, all of which appear to be does. Strangely, the deer do not appear to have any visible gunshot wounds nor show any signs that they have been gutted. They seem to be fully intact, Smith said.

She has been hearing coyotes howling, and is concerned for the safety of her small pets and young children. With the recent above-average temperatures nearing 70 degrees, there is definitely a stench from the rotting corpses. “It’s ridiculous,” she said.

Smith contacted the DNR and has not yet heard back. Speculating that perhaps the deer were struck by vehicles, she also contacted the Oceana County Road Commission. The road commission assured her that they did not leave the deer pile.

OCP also reached out to the DNR, but has not yet received a reply. OCP also contacted the road commission, and Clerk Sandy Griffin confirmed that the road commission is not responsible for the carcass pile. The road commission does not leave deer in piles; does not leave carcasses that close to a house; does not leave them visible; and does not leave more than one in one location, Griffin said. Also, there has only been one recent car/deer crash on 96th Avenue, Griffin said.

OCP also contacted the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office, and Undersheriff Tim Priese said he has not been notified of the deer pile.

“I just want it removed or buried,” Smith said.

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