Election results in Oceana County.

November 9, 2016

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Election results in Oceana County in the general election Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016:

Presidential race:

Trump: 7,228

Clinton: 3,973

Results of contested races in Oceana County:

Oceana County Road Commission:
Allen Blohm (R) 7884, Lloyd Gowell (R) 7970

Oceana County Board of Commissioners:
Second District:
Martha Meyette (R) 766
Evelyn Kolbe (D) 623

Colfax Township
Robert William Wade (R) 83
Larry L. Mumper (no party affiliation) 61

Elbridge Township
Craig Herremans (R) 322
Lance VanSickle (write-in) 40
Stephanie VanSickle (R) 265
Linda Bickel (write-in) 113
Renee Vanderlaan (R) 294
Chris Payne (no party affiliation) 107
Trustee – two seats
Jeff Buter (R) 241
Eric Herrygers (R) 281
Bruce Vartian (D) 172

Ferry Township
Trustee – two seats
Rod Studer (R) 331
Richard E. Cornwell (D) 209
Linda Bruck (no party affiliation) 154

Grant Township
Trustee – two seats
James Aebig (R) 691
Joan Brooks (R) 699
Gerrit James Fekken (D) 426

Leavitt Township
Trustee – two seats
Raymond Dornbush (R) 162
Eleanor Kruppe (R) 128
Emma J. Kirwin (D) 166
Al Purdy (no party affiliation) 113

Pentwater Township
Sue Ann Johnson (R) 726
John Barker (D) 415

Hesperia Village
President – nonpartisan
Mike Farber 108
Louis J. Nemastil 85

Pentwater Village
President – nonpartisan
Jeffrey “Jeff” Allen Hodges 347
Daniel D. Hoekstra, Sr. 243
Trustees – three seats
Michelle Angell-Powell 405
Pamela Burdick 225
Dan Nugent 380
Don Palmer 370
Juanita Pierman 183

Shelby Village

Trustee – three seats

Andy Near 393

Sharita Prowant 129

John G. Sutton 295

Jim Wyns 347

Hart Public Schools Board of Education – nonpartisan – three seats
Dwight Fuehring 1993
Irma Hinojosa 1332
Judee L. Wilson 2109
Jack Wittman 1456

Hesperia Community Schools Board of Education – nonpartisan – two seats
Patrick Broton 637
Alan Daniels 601
Ryan L. Good 524

Pentwater Public Schools – nonpartisan – four seats
Patricia Collins 768
Ken McClane 779
Amy L. Roberson 703
Bonnie VanDerZanden 724
Linda S. VanGills 881

Shelby Public Schools Board of Education – nonpartisan – two seats
Douglas Fris 1531
Karen Rice 1798
Craig Sawyer 1200

Ferry Township renewal of its existing fire operating millage, which is 1.5 mills: YES 373 NO 123

Village of Pentwater improvement plan, which is a $3.2 million street improvement plan: YES 400 NO 215

Walkerville Village Joint Fire Department millage replacement proposal, which is for the purchase of fire equipment for the joint department that serves Walkerville Village and Elbridge, Colfax and Leavitt townships: YES 28 NO 42


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