‘Double Up Food Bucks’ program extended.

November 9, 2016
Rennhack Orchard Market.

Rennhack Orchards Market.

‘Double Up Food Bucks’ program extended.

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HART — Area residents who use Michigan Bridge (EBT/SNAP) cards can benefit from a recent decision by the Fair Food Network to extend the funding for the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program at Rennhack Orchards Market.

Originally scheduled to end Oct. 31, Double Up Food Bucks will now be funded at Rennhack Orchards Market through their entire season, which runs through Dec. 23.

Funded by the Fair Food Network, a nationwide nonprofit organization based in Ann Arbor, the Double Up Food Bucks farm market program provides EBT card users the opportunity to get fresh Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables for free. When customers sign up with their EBT cards at participating farm markets, then purchase any SNAP-eligible foods there, they receive matching Double Up Food Bucks (up to $20 per market day) in their account. They can use the Double Up Food Bucks for fresh Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables at the market either then or later in the season.

Before last year, the Double Up Food Bucks program was only offered

Rennhack Orchards Market.

at farmers markets in bigger cities. Last year, the Fair Food Network started a pilot program for farm markets. Customers could use DUFB at Rennhack Orchards Market from Aug. 3 through Oct. 31.

“I am thrilled that Fair Food Network is extending the funding for Double Up Food Bucks at our market through our entire season this year,” said Joann Rennhack, co-owner (with husband Dave) of Rennhack Orchards Market. “I love that they are helping low-income people in our rural area get more locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables into their diets.”

Rennhack Orchards Market is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday through Dec. 23.

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