Letter to the Editor: MI Supreme Court race is key.

November 3, 2016

Letter to the Editor: MI Supreme Court race is key.


Dear Editor:

Come election time most people don’t know which of the candidates to vote for on the non-partisan part of the ballot for the Michigan Supreme Court. I’ve been there, done that. That is why I’m writing this letter. The two forces ideologically facing off are the “Rule of Law” jurists vs. the “Empathy Court” jurists.

Let me explain two reasons why “Rule of Law” (ROL) is important.

1. (ROL) ensures no one is above the law, because all are treated equally.

2. (ROL) ensures that everybody knows the rules of the game and the penalties for breaking those rules and all are judged by the same rules.

Let me explain what the “Empathy Court” (EC) ensures.

1. (EC) leaves it up to the various judges to interpret the law according to empathy for the plaintiff.

2. In an (EC) setting, no one knows the rules of the game as it is dependent upon how the judge feels that day.

I’m in favor of a Rule of Law Court. For the Michigan Supreme Court, the “Rule of Law” judges are Justices David Viviano and Joan Larson. They both currently are sitting on the Michigan Supreme Court and both follow the law as it is written not as they may think it should be on any given day. Justice Joan Larson made it to the “short list” for a replacement of US Supreme Court. She also clerked under US Justice Antonin Scalia. When I go into the booth, I will remember “Joan and David” on the non-partisan judicial part of the ballot and I will vote for “Joan and David” and the “Rule of Law.”

Below are all those running, from Ballotpedia.


  • Justice David Viviano (R) was first appointed to the court in 2013, was elected in 2014 to finish the term of his predecessor, and is now standing for re-election to a full term. He is being challenged by Frank S. Szymanski (D) and Doug Dern.
  • Justice Joan Larsen (R) was appointed in 2015 and is running for election to complete the unfinished term of retired Mary Beth Kelly. She is being challenged by Deborah Thomas (D) and Kerry L. Morgan (Lib.)
  • Republicans hold a 5-2 majority on the court. If both Viviano and Larsen are defeated in November, the balance will shift to 4-3 with Republicans in the minority.

Above all be sure you vote. It is your only duty as a citizen.

Bob Carr,
970 S. 160th Ave., Hesperia

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