3 arrested for squatting, possible heroin charges pending.

November 3, 2016

ocso_oceana_sheriff3 arrested for squatting, possible heroin charges pending.

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By Allison Scarbrough. Editor.

GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP — Two men and one woman were arrested by Oceana County sheriff’s deputies Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 2, for allegedly squatting in a rental home for months, according to Oceana County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Craig Mast. Drugs, possibly heroin, and drug paraphernalia were located inside the home in the 9200 block of South 192nd Avenue, and drug charges are pending against the three suspects, Mast said.

The homeowner contacted police in an effort to have the people removed from the home, he said. “They were not welcome and were living there for months,” he said. “They had not been paying rent; had been advised to get out; and they would not leave.

“Deputies went to the scene and found that the home owner had removed the main door and removed a sliding glass door in an effort to get these people out of his home. The people used blankets to cover the doorways. Deputies found three people inside, also drug paraphernalia from several different narcotics – marijuana and possibly heroin.”

One of the suspects, a 28-year-old White Cloud man, was also charged with a felony sex offender registration violation for failing to update his address. The other two suspects are a 37-year-old Holton man and a 29-year-old Muskegon woman. All three have been charged with squatting, which a 120-day misdemeanor, Mast said.

The case has been turned over to the State, Sheriffs’, Chiefs’ Enforcement of Narcotics Team (SSCENT) for follow-up on the pending drug charges, he said.

The suspects have not been arraigned in 78th District Court, so police are not releasing their names at this time.

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