Living in the OC: Freakishly, fear-fueled fun.

September 25, 2016

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By Allison Scarbrough. Editor.

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haunted acres - 2CLAYBANKS TOWNSHIP — Halloween is the time of year when adults can act like kids by dressing up in costumes and acting ghoulishly. And what better place is there to act like a devilish child than Michael Glover’s Playground and Haunted Acres?

Glover, a master of disguise and fun-filled fear, has created a Halloween mecca for older kids and adults on his 40 acres at 7970 Park Road.

The site includes four main attractions: the Field of Screams, the Haunted Playground, the seven-acre Corn Craze Maze and the Zombie Paintball Gallery.

haunted acres - 3Glover, 45, and his girlfriend, Mary Anne Mitteer, have been monstrously busy preparing for the opening night, which is this Saturday, Oct. 1. The Haunted Acres will be open Saturdays from 8-11 p.m. through Oct. 22. A Halloween party, including live performances by four different bands, is set for Oct. 29.

Glover, who is inspired by horror master, film maker and metal musician Rob Zombie, enjoys Halloween more than any other holiday. His birthday is Oct. 26, so his “morbid obsession” for the macabre holiday seems fitting. “I love Halloween,” he said.

The Stony Lake area native is constantly planning ways to expand his Haunted Acres operation, which is in its second year. The Playground has been in existence since 2006, he said. The Playground has had many successful events over the years, including a benefit in his late friend’s honor that drew 1,000 people. Jake Rameau was killed in a motorcycle crash two years ago, and his band performed at the Playground.

The youth corrections officer enjoys the fun and spontaneity that Halloween offers, which is in stark haunted acres - 4 contrast to his job that focuses on structure and discipline. He drives his fake blood-splattered Zombie Outbreak Response Team pickup truck to work, often wearing a zombie mask. He dressed in a Santa Claus suit and zombie mask at Christmas time for the youth housed at the Muskegon County detention center to enjoy. “That’s when you know you love Halloween,” he said.

Because of the level of fear that the spooky site incites, Glover recommends that children attending should be at least 12 years old. Kids who are under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

haunted acres - 5Apple cider and fresh apples from his father’s (Andrew Glover’s) 300-acre farm, Stony Acre Farms, will be available.

The success of his ghastly good time would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of friends and family. For more info, check out

If you’re looking for an eerie evening to enjoy the horrid holiday, make the trip to Haunted Acres…if you dare.


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