Follow yard sale rules, or you could end up with a ticket.

July 21, 2016

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By Allison Scarbrough. Editor.

HART — With summer in full swing, yard sales are popping up all over the place.

However, in the City of Hart and most other communities, there are rules to follow if you want to have a garage or yard sale.

Hart Police Chief Juan Salazar has encountered several yard sales in the city that are breaking the rules.

“With us being in the middle of the summer season and yard sales still being conducted during the week and weekend, I would like this information put out for the community’s knowledge,” the chief said.

“These ordinances were adopted due to the number of yard sales, which are conducted throughout the City of Hart during each calendar year. These ordinances assist in keeping the community looking presentable for residents and visitors.

“The biggest issue the department has is when individuals attempt to keep their yard sale up all year round and never want to remove items from the front of their property,” Salazar said. According to the city ordinance, sales cannot exceed three consecutive days, and a household can have no more than two sales per year.

Another problem with sales are sign violations, Salazar said. People often nail garage sale signs to city property, such as trees and fixtures, which is against the rules.

“Usually we give a warning at first,” Salazar said. “If the violation continues, a citation would be issued for said violation.”

Here are the city’s yard sale rules:

For the purpose of this chapter, the terms “garage sale,” “yard sale,” basement sale,” and “rummage sale,” including any similar terms such as “attic sale,” “lawn sale,” “flea market sale,” etc., shall mean any casual sale of tangible personal property, whether used, secondhand, damaged or discarded, not otherwise regulated in these Codified Ordinances, advertised by any means whereby the public at large is or can be aware of such sale.

It shall be unlawful for any person, organization, corporation, partnership or association of whatever description to conduct any sale as defined in this chapter in excess of two sales within any calendar year. No sales as defined shall exceed three consecutive days.

824.04 SIGNS.
(a) One sign may be erected advertising such sale on the premises of the sale and must be removed immediately at the end of the sale.

(b) Said sign shall not be in excess of six square feet and shall not be illuminated in any manner whatsoever, except incidentally by street lights or house lights.

(c) One sign may be erected upon a main thoroughfare of the City and remain only during the duration of the sale, provided that the adjacent property owner consents to the placement of such sign.

(d) Under no circumstances shall any signs be attached to any tree within the City easements or right of ways, or to any City building or fixture.

If anyone has any questions, they can contact the Hart Police Department at (231) 873-2488.

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