Input about drugs, alcohol from young adults needed.

July 12, 2016

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The Oceana County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is gathering insight from residents ages 18 to 25 through an online survey tool. The survey is available to anyone aged 18 to 25 who resides in Oceana County, and it will remain open until the end of August.

Young adults who take the survey will have the opportunity to receive incentive prizes for providing their input on drug and alcohol use trends in the community. Those completing the survey have a chance to win a raffle prize by submitting a separate contact form after providing anonymous responses to the survey questions.

The local coalition is conducting the survey to better understand young adults’ behaviors and attitudes toward drugs and alcohol. The information collected will help to fill in the gaps where current data is lacking, and will be used to strengthen health improvement efforts in Oceana County.

The survey can be taken at:

For questions about this project, contact Kortni Evans at or (231) 902-8539.

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