Letter to the Editor: Get out and vote Aug. 2.

July 7, 2016

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Dear Editor,

My name is Bob Carr, and I’m running for the Newfield Township Supervisor post.

I’m writing this to point out the importance of voting in the primary election Aug. 2. Regardless of who you vote for, it is important to vote in the primary and here’s why:

My race, the supervisor’s race in Newfield, will be decided in the primary as no one is running in the general from the other party for post.

Here’s some facts that show how much your vote “Voice” counts especially in the primaries.

In the 2012 elections in Newfield Township, there were 1,811 registered voters.
In that 2012 general election 1,021 people voted, not bad over 50 percent.
Here’s the rub, in the primary only 393 people voted, not good less than 25 percent.

Why should this be important to you the voter?
The township government is the agency that spends your property tax money. The supervisor of the township oversees that process. It is the township government that provides services for the residents. Your voice counts only if you vote. After voting you can leverage that by attending meetings of the township board and even volunteering for various committees and boards etc. In other words, by getting involved.

Remember, the township primaries are where your voice counts or is heard the loudest.

Bob Carr,
Newfield Township

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