HHS freshmen announce book publishing.

May 16, 2016

imageHART — Big ideas start small like a maple seed under a blanket of snow. On Tuesday, May 31, it will sprout anew at 7 p.m. in the Hart Middle School Auditorium. The public is welcome to hear readings from the award-winning student writers in poetry and prose.

The newly published book, BIG IDEAS: POETRY & PROSE will debut and be for sale at the event.

Those interested in purchasing BIG IDEAS may purchase one of a limited number of copies the night of the book publishing celebration or visit Ramseyer’s online bookstore at <http://lulu.com/spotlight/BrettRamseyer>.

“I teach 41 freshmen who have been writing creatively all year. This spring, I asked them to produce one great piece of writing,” said Ramseyer. “The best of them will perform on the 31st from our new book.”

“I’m not sure that I’ll win because there are some really good people in our class like Cynthia (Fout) and Maisie (Whitaker),” said freshman Sofia Burillo-Castro.

Ramseyer’s literature classes spent Fridays throughout the school year studying writer craft before penning their own creative works. “I really liked that I could pick my own genre and I wanted to work really hard on my poem. I signed up for creative writing next year,” said Burillo-Castro.

The students understood the lessons travelled beyond the books and meant more than winning.

“[Mr. Ramseyer] taught me that I can do great things during tough times,” said freshman Abigail Nienhuis. “He helped us become better students.”

Still, winning and presenting on celebration night builds an anxious excitement in the students.

“I don’t want to jinx myself. I hope I win,” said freshman Cynthia Fout

“I’d be a little scared, but my confidence would be through the roof if I won,” said freshman Michael Redding.

“I’m excited for the night,” said Ramseyer. “Even the winners themselves won’t know they are reading until I call their names from the stage. It should be entertaining for all.”

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