Youth group presents dinner theater to raise funds for African missions trip.

January 25, 2016

HART — First Baptist Church of Hart youth group is taking a different approach to raising funds for an upcoming missions trip to Africa. The teens will be presenting a dinner theater, with proceeds going toward their summer trip to Ghana. The group is going to work two weeks at an orphanage and school, teaching the Gospel and also physical education. The orphanage has about 80 children but also provides primary education to over 200 children who live in that area.

To help raise funds, the group will present a dinner theater on Feb. 4, 5 and 6. The play, a comedy/mystery, is titled “Here Today, Gone Tomato.” The scenario: Pepi Roni is a New York City restaurant owner and has just been found shot in the back with his own pistol.

His wife, Mama Rosa, and their children Marco Roni and Angel Roni join with characters Tara Misu and others in the family restaurant to give each other a pizza their minds. A penne for their thoughts is more than it will take to unravel this mystery, though, as these passionate characters reveal one act of foul play after another in an attempt to seek out the im-pasta. It appears this is one Italian family whose pasta is not in the past, as they mourn Pepi’s passing and come to realize that anyone can be “Here Today, Gone Tomato.”   

Tickets can be purchased by calling First Baptist Church at 231-873-2514.

$15 a ticket, couples $25.