Pentwater man gets more jail time for reporting to jail on drugs

December 21, 2015
Justin Jobbins with his attorney, Julie Springstead Waltz.

Justin Jobbins with his attorney, Julie Springstead Waltz.

By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

HART — A 30-year-old Pentwater man who was sentenced in 27th Circuit Court earlier this month received an added 15 days in jail Monday, Dec. 21, for reporting to jail while under the influence of drugs.

Justin Ruben Jobbins, of 554 N. Morris St., was initially ordered to serve weekends in jail, but has now been ordered to serve his 30-day sentence by doing “straight time,” and Judge Anthony A. Monton tacked on another 15 days in jail to his sentence.

Jobbins recently “reported to jail while under the influence of a controlled substance,” said Oceana County Prosecutor Joseph Bizon. The prosecutor asked Monton to “take away the benefit of weekend jail time” and impose straight time.

“Now I’m losing my job because of this,” Jobbins said. “I messed up.”

Monton said Jobbins must have a serious drug problem for reporting to jail in that condition and suggested that he seek treatment.

Jobbins was found guilty Oct. 26 of altering or forging a document. He was sentenced Dec. 7 to serve 30 days up front of an 11-month discretionary jail term with credit for five days served in jail; and $400 in fines and costs. One count of driver failure to maintain security was dismissed.


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