‘Let no child be forgotten’

December 5, 2015
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Old Newsies, left to right, Bradley Jager, Dick Amstutz, Bill Cook and Jeff Amstutz man the intersection on the west side of Winston Road and Oceana Drive in Rothbury. Dick Amstutz has been involved in the charitable program since 1968, and Bill Cook has participated since 1976.

By Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

ROTHBURY — The 70-year tradition of the Old Newsies and the Goodfellows continues as dedicated members took to the streets of Oceana County Saturday, Dec. 5, gathering donations from motorists at major intersections.

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Old Newsies, left to right, Robert “Cheech” Perez, Scott Hendrixon, Grant Hendrixon, Gilbert Zuniga and Greg Frees man the intersection on the east side of Winston Road and Oceana Drive in Rothbury.

Bill Cook, who has participated in the annual program since 1976, said that $4,300-$4,500 was raised by the Old Newsies in the Rothbury community alone last year. The Goodfellows deliver the gifts to needy families in Oceana County, Cook said. “It stays in the immediate area,” he said. “It’s all volunteer, and 100 percent (of the profits) goes to the kids.”

“With the help of our members — over 200 strong — we worked together to bring Christmas to over 600 children last year,” states the edition passed out to donors. “We want to continue our tradition of giving. Thanks to the efforts of our members and generous support from businesses and individuals, we carry on the words of our motto: ‘Let no child be forgotten.’”

The successful fundraising effort that also helps children in Muskegon County is sponsored by the Muskegon Chronicle, which prints the “Goodfellows Extra” edition that is handed out to those who donate.


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