Driver who crashed into Meyers Chevrolet faces OWI, DWLS charges

November 24, 2015

2ef894f5-0898-41a0-a229-d33e380eb5efBy Allison Scarbrough. OCP Editor.

NEW ERA — The 21-year-old Shelby man who crashed through a brick wall and smashed into four cars at the Meyers Chevrolet car dealership Monday night, Nov. 23, is facing charges of operating while intoxicated (OWI) and driving while license suspended (DWLS), said Lt. Craig Mast of the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday.

The driver is looking at “some civil responsibility as well,” Mast said. “He suffered quite serious injury. He was hospitalized and not arrested because of his injuries. The speed is believed to have been high.”

OCSO did not have further details about the crash Tuesday at noon, because the accident report was not complete.

Dealership owner Scott Meyers, who was at the scene Monday night, estimated damages totaling $100,000.

OCP was told by police at the scene of the accident Monday night that the driver involved in the crash is a 17-year-old man. The Oceana County Sheriff’s Office informed OCP Tuesday that the suspect is a 21-year-old Shelby man.

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