Letter to the Editor: Writer opposes park property purchase

November 2, 2015

cedar point -1Dear Editor,

Every now and then a seemingly small issue with long lasting effects arrives on the voting table of a county commission. The Oceana County Commission will face just such a vote Nov. 12 at 2 p.m.  

The boardwalk leading to the beach at Cedar Point County Park.

The boardwalk leading to the beach at Cedar Point County Park.

The issue at hand is whether or not the Parks and Recreation Committee will be given the consent to pursue securing a DNR Trust Fund Grant to purchase the Poole Trust property. The purchase would be added to Cedar Point County Park on Ridge Road in Pentwater Township.

Since we are talking about a county park, let me be clear — a county park is paid for and maintained by everyone in the county. This is an issue that has far reaching and long lasting ramifications. In addition to the many liabilities that are naturally associated with a county park, a DNR Trust Fund Grant includes additional strings.

The taxpayers will be liable for 25-30 percent (or more) of the purchase price. Apparently, a purchase price has not yet been agreed upon, but $5 million has been mentioned. Thecedar point -3 property will be appraised by a DNR appraiser, not a local realtor who knows our market. Additionally, Oceana County will be required to own the property in perpetuity. Yes, the property will never be on the tax rolls. Future generations will likely look back on the voters of this time and wonder, why?

Please call or write your county commissioner. Tell him or her that the taxpayers of Oceana County do not need to purchase another park when there are far more pressing issues to address. Additionally, consider attending the meeting Nov. 12 at 2 p.m. at the Oceana County Courthouse.

Laura Krentz

199 W. Wilke Rd.