Get ready seniors, ‘College Application Week’ is Oct. 26-30

October 19, 2015
West Shore Community College graduates in a 2014 file photo.

West Shore Community College graduates in a 2014 file photo.

OCEANA COUNTY — In addition sporting events, part-time jobs and school work, high school seniors are also thinking of where they hope to be next fall.

During the week of Oct. 26-30, known statewide as “College Application Week”, Oceana high schools will work closely with their seniors to finalize college applications.

According to projected job growth statistics, 60 percent of jobs by 2018 will require at least some form of college education. Currently, only 26 percent of Oceana residents hold a college degree. The days of being able to rely on a high school diploma to provide economic stability are over. Local employers are routinely looking for higher-educated candidates to fill jobs.

Youth need to regularly hear the message, “You’ve got what it takes to succeed,” in order to envision a successful future for themselves and need to have this type of support to turn their dreams into a reality.

Oceana CAN! (College Access Network) encourages students and families to consider the full range of options for post-secondary education; professional certificate programs; vocational, technical, and business schools, two-year community colleges; and four–year colleges and universities.

Applying to colleges or vocational schools can take significant time. However, with some creative organization and repeated positive conversation and support from school, home and community, the navigation through the myriad of options for higher education is achievable.

The Oceana CAN! recommends the following guidelines for application success:

  1. Research colleges and/or programs to find the best personal fit.
  2. Check application requirements and deadlines.
  3. Write and refine required essays for each application.
  4. Ask for letters of support/recommendation from teachers, coaches and mentors to submit with applications.
  5. Gather family information for completion of applications.
  6. Meet with counselors to ensure that they are on the track to graduate and fulfill admission requirements and to talk over plans.
  7. Request application fee waivers, if applicable.
  8. Request transcripts be sent to chosen colleges.

Oceana CAN! also recommends the following helpful resources to students and families:

Your school’s guidance counselor is always a great first stop; research recommended websites such as or; and schedule college campus visits, if able, to clarify that right fit.

Most colleges have strict application deadlines in November and December, and there are often application fees that must be paid upon submission. See your counselor for fee waivers, and many colleges will offer free application submission during the College Application Week. Admission deadlines vary by school, but all applications should be completed as soon as possible.   

Oceana CAN! hopes every high school senior is currently making plans to attend a university, community college or vocational school, or take part in a credential program or other higher education training program next fall.

Oceana CAN! recognizes the need to have an educated and skilled workforce and aims to increase the post-secondary education attainment rates of local students, particularly low-income and first-generation students. Partners in this network, focused on creating a local college-going and career-ready culture, include higher education institutions, business leaders, economic development organizations, funding sources, youth-serving organizations, nonprofits and public schools. Oceana CAN! provides an overarching framework for many types of support for students and families through partnerships, collaboration and network building.

Contact Oceana CAN! with questions or for more information by emailing or calling 231-301-8210.

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