‘Fowl’ play? Chickens, squash stolen

September 16, 2015

OCSO cruiserHESPERIA — A larceny of two chickens and five Hubbard squash from a residence located in the 3900 block of White River Drive was reported to the Oceana County Sheriff’s Office Monday, Sept. 14.

The homeowner told police that the theft occurred some time within the last three weeks.

The victim said he was sitting at his table recently with his light on outside and saw the motion detector light activate at approximately 4 a.m., according the police report.

“He heard a ‘cluck, cluck,’” the report states. He then grabbed his flashlight and walking stick and went outside to investigate. “He shined his flashlight and saw the feed pan swinging back and forth. He believed that someone took his rooster and hen. There were no feathers or any other sign of commotion.” The complainant said, “there were no other noises that he would normally hear when an animal attacks his chickens.” He also stated, “there has been a lot of mischief over time.”

It also appeared that the culprits pushed a fence panel down, according to the report, and about five Hubbard squash are also missing.

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