Training focuses on rescuing a fellow firefighter

August 26, 2015
RIT training -1

Firefighters from Hesperia, Walkerville and Shelby-Benona departments underwent training last weekend that focuses on saving a fellow firefighter.

HESPERIA — Firefighters from three Oceana County departments joined forces recently to receive specialized training that would save a fellow firefighter.

RIT training -2

Shelby-Benona Fire Chief Jack White emerges from a smoke-filled building during the training exercise.

“Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) is a team of five firefighters who are specially-trained to rescue our own,” said Lt. Jason Newman of the Hesperia Fire Department, who is a training officer.

“This was a training (session) that we taught and refreshed some firefighters from Oceana County,” Newman said. The training is critical because it shows firefighters what to do “when one of our fellow brothers goes down or is trapped.”

Firefighters from Hesperia, which hosted the class; Shelby-Benona; and Walkerville practiced the proper techniques for entering a smoke-filled building and rescuing a fellow firefighter.

“This was a very great class,” Newman said, and local departments plan to have more sessions in the future.     

– Photos contributed by Lt. Jason Newman of the Hesperia Fire Department       

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