Grant funds help school district launch first-ever robotics program

July 2, 2015

_RSA4565hart_bond_005HART — Hart Public Schools has been awarded a $25,704 grant that will help launch the district’s first-ever robotics program.

“Yesterday, Hart Public Schools was awarded a grant through the Michigan STEM Partners, in the amount of $25,704,” states Superintendent Mark Platt in a press release. “The grant is to support a wide range of student-focused, project-based  programs/competitions, either in the classroom or as extracurricular, in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). These programs can be, but are not limited to, robotics, coding, design-build, or test-projects, from pre-kindergarten through the college level. This project is funded by a grant award through the Michigan Department of Education.

“Hart Public Schools will be announcing some of its plans for robotics in the near future, as we have been planning a robotics experience for our students over the last few months” Platt states. “Hart will also be looking for some business partners in this opportunity as we believe this experience is perfect for hands-on-learning, practical application, and an outstanding opportunity to explore a field loaded with great well-paying careers. The program will launch this school year and at various times of the year, depending on the grade level and competition schedule.”

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