Rotary scramble gets the ‘earth quaking’

May 6, 2015
Winning team, left to right, Mike Baerwolf, Bob Delbarker, Tim Genson and John Quinn.

Winning team, left to right, Mike Baerwolf, Bob Delbarker, Tim Genson and John Quinn.

By Marc Inglis. PGA Golf Professional.

SHELBY — Golf balls were falling in from all over the course so much last weekend, as AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson said, “The earth was quaking.”

Rotary  Scramble @ OGC - 4

Golfer swinging Ron Loudermilk from Hart on the first flight winning team teeing off hole #18.

For the 46 teams of four, a few key ingredients made for a happy weekend of golf. Combining the good weather, excellent course conditions, many prizes, good food, and a great cause, the 30th Annual Shelby Rotary Club Scramble at Oceana Golf Club, May 2 and 3, was serving up just that.

Despite the relentless balmy winds, the lowest score was posted Sunday, 18 under score of 55. The winning team from Mason County was Mike Baerwolf, Bob Delbarker, Tim Genson, John Quinn 59-55=114. At the end of regulation 36 holes, they were tied with the team of Craig Porter, Egan Porter, Chris Gotaas, Joe Adcox from Muskegon, 56-58=114. The tie was broken on a scorecard playoff. Winning the first flight, Doug Raeth, Brent Raeth, Ron Loudermilk, Carl Wenk finished 62-59=121. They defeated the event chairman, also in a scorecard playoff, Fred Sanford, Stan Sanford, Erik Sanford, Dave Wojcicki 63-58=121. The second flight was not as tight, as the team of Mike Crouch, Curt Crouch, Dan Hendrick, Glenn Pedler, 67-61=128 was victorious by three shots.

Rotary  Scramble @ OGC -1

Shawn Pranger hit a hole in one.

With several memorable shots on the weekend, the two that stand out the most were the Eagle 2 on the 436 yard hole #11 from 155 yards Saturday, and an “ACE” on the 170 yard par 3 hole #6 Sunday. “Todd Devries was the first’ to hit the 155-yard shot using his 7 iron, and with the greens so receptive, the shot landed six short of the hole rolled up and went in. We weren’t even sure it did go in, so we jumped in the cart and looked, sure enough,” Keith Riddle said of his teammate’s shot. Shawn Pranger made his hole in one on Sunday — his third in a year.

Let’s play scramble by the numbers: (184) players, (46) teams, (92) rounds posted under par, (50) eagles posted for the weekend, (75) different players walking away with winnings. (1) Hole In One (2) perfect days of weather and (4.2) magnitude earthquake and as Brian Johnson said, “Cause the walls start shaking, the earth was quaking, my mind was aching.” Sounds like he worked a Rotary Scramble a time or two himself.

Scramble Results

Shelby State Bank/Gales Insurance Agency, Wickstra and Meyers Chevrolet sponsor hole #17 and will give a new car to the first hole in one made on Saturday on that hole. It has never happened in 30 years -- maybe 31 is the lucky number...?

Shelby State Bank/Gales Insurance Agency, Wickstra and Meyers Chevrolet sponsor hole #17 and will give a new car to the first hole in one made on Saturday on that hole. It has never happened in 30 years — maybe 31 is the lucky number…?

Tim Genson John Quinn Mike Baerwolf Bob Delbarker 59 55 114 Ch 1

Craig Porter Egan Porter Chris Gotaas Joe Adcox 56 58 114 Ch 2

Bill Beckman Scott Wieman Al Whitlow Brett Robeson 60 55 115 Ch 3

Keith Riddle Jordan Durga Todd DeVries Derek Jacobson 58 58 116 Ch 4

Bob Beckman Mason Beckman Scott Pranger Greg George 56 60 116 Ch 4

Rich DeRuiter Bryan DeRuiter Craig Mottl Mike DeRuiter 57 60 117 Ch

Corey Parmalee Kyle Klotz Justin Wilson Shawn Pranger 58 61 119 Ch

Glen Klomp Jon Monette Rich St. Denis R12 57 63 120 Ch

Lance Gosselin Bob Gosselin Jordan Gosselin Tom Cullen 60 62 122 Ch

Doug Raeth Brent Raeth Ron Loudermilk Carl Wenk 62 59 121 First 1

Fred Sanford Erik Sanford Stan Sanford Dave Wojcicki 63 58 121 First 2

Mart Balkema Chris Griffin Derrick Woodland Marty Balkema 62 61 123 First 3

Tom Posma Bruce Kreiger Fred Reader Rich Leonard 63 61 124 First 4

Tom Pruim Dave Pruim Jeff Timmins Eric Pruim 62 62 124 First 5

Jason Pranger Dick Pranger Chad Pranger Al White 64 60 124 First 6

Bill Shriver Kirk Payne Chuck DeLora Tom Murphy 62 62 124 First

Chris Ritchie John Szegda Ross Finlan Randy Lindquist 63 62 125 First

Matt Hayes Joel Herrygers Bruce Potter Gary Burns 62 63 125 First

Bryan Mathis Ty French Al Broton Jerry Jensen 64 61 125 First

Jason Freiheit Bracken Nettcott Scott Kriesel Chris Jensen 65 60 125 First

Ron Raiz Jeff Henschel Jerry Henschel Kristina Raiz 65 62 127 First

Galen Bowman Jesse Bowman Tom Kirk Mike Schrock 65 64 129 First

Ben Whalen Mike Whalen Kyle Whalen Josh Conklin 63 67 130 First

Troy Stadler Randy Deresky Nick Stadler Mike Stadler 64 67 131 First

Eric Dobry Adam Falkowski Ross Falkowski Chris Stoffan 65 67 132 First

Jeff Jensen Jack Jensen John George Craig Charland 64 68 132 First

Jim Smith Jack Hosko Jeff McManus Kerry Wood 63 70 133 First

Steve Milner Vick Garcia Randy White Steve Chester 65 69 134 First

Mike Crouch Curt Crouch Dan Hendrick Glenn Pedler 67 61 128 Second 1

Pete Fricano Paul Jett Dustin Jett Josh Jett 67 64 131 Second 2

Kimm Griffin Wayne McCollum Denny Love Rick Lallo 66 66 132 Second 3

Lindy Anderson Dick Miller Roger Merren Lee Pankratz 66 66 132 Second 4

Duane Fitzpatrick Dean Hertel Dan Hertel Mark Wynn 67 65 132 Second 5

Todd Fox Mike Nichols Eric Fox Andy Malbouf 67 65 132 Second 6

Dick DeBruin Dave DeBruin Duane Keith Steve Vaughn 67 65 132 Second

Ralph Carlin Tom Dunlop Dave Witham Werner Klisch 68 65 133 Second

Shaun Fuller Shane Shook Kevin Gomez Shaun Kenney 67 67 134 Second

Paul Inglis Tom Inglis Roger Gowell Jim Newman 67 67 134 Second

Randy Mahoney Greg Bates Gary Kreisel Dean Bates 71 66 137 Second

Aaron Snider Brian Pangburn Forrest Goodrich Scott Butcher 69 69 138 Second

Jeff Harris Jim Opatic Dave Minkel Jerry Bensinger 66 72 138 Second

Darrell Huggins Mark Helms Jim LaPorte Dick Towne 69 70 139 Second

Tom Erndteman Brad Semelbaur Brandon Semelbaur David Dykman 72 68 140 Second

Tom Bisson Lisa Bisson Fred Woldring Mike Horton 68 72 140 Second

John Hickman Pat Hickman Mike Rolph Dave Flagsted 72 70 142 Second

Joe Firestone Linda Pate-Quin Al McCabe Paul Tiefenthal 71 71 142 Second

Proxy Winners: #6 Eric Pruim, Shawn Pranger (Ace), #8 Tom Cullen, Pete Fricano, #12 Keith Riddle, Kristina Raiz, #17 Al Whitlow, Scott Kriesel.