‘65 HHS graduate urges voters to cast a ‘yes’ vote May 5

April 27, 2015

_RSA4644hart_bond_014Dear Editor:

My classmates and I will celebrate our 50th class reunion in July.

In June of 1965, we marched out the doors as the first full graduating class in the new Hart High School.

In hindsight, I feel like the school and I have much in common. I don’t look like I did in 1965 and neither does our school! We both still function but not as well as we once did……

This May 5th, Hart area voters will have a chance to make some practical and sorely needed improvements happen.

We are blessed with a beautiful area to live in and also blessed to see great things happening with our students. Good programs, teachers and opportunities are in place for the Pirates, BUT they need more.

Among the BOND priorities are:

– Enlargement by two classrooms at our award-winning Spitler Elementary:

– Reconfigure some high school classrooms for better use of space;

– A new band room for our great director and musicians;

– A new high school cafeteria offering space for all students to eat at the same time;

– Handicapped bathrooms for both public events (gym) and students;

– A new track for our athletic complex.

My two biggest concerns are in replacing the vintage boiler and septic systems — they are just nasty — and making the ENTRANCES SECURE. I can’t think of anything more important than keeping our students SAFE!!!

Please join me at the polls Tuesday, May 5, to support our future, our children.


Cheri Michael

1965 Hart High School graduate

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