The Light Chaser: Composition, part 2

April 11, 2015
Leading lines

Leading lines

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Chapter 11: The Rules of Composition, part 2

Repetitive patterns

Repetitive patterns

Last time we talked about the Rule of Thirds and Simplicity. Today, we will discuss three other elements of composition: Leading lines, repetitive patterns and framing.

Each of these points are meant to draw the viewer’s eye into the subject by creating compositional elements that compliment the subject but do not dominate it. Having lines and patterns in a photograph are not enough to qualify for this category.

In the case of leading lines, the point is to visually tell the viewer to start from the beginning of a line and end at the subject. Think of standing in the middle of a road and somewhere two-thirds in is your subject, perhaps a vehicle or a person.

Repetitive patterns are often the subject themselves. Be careful to not over-do it, however. Think of Chapter 10’s lesson of simplicity.

myprolab_021715Framing doesn’t mean to actually put a literal frame around the picture (though I supposed you could). Think of that road again and now visualize tall oak trees forming a canopy on each sides of the road. Again, in the center is your subject. This time, however, the trees are “framing” the subject.

More tips of Rules of Composition next week.

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